IPSC MUN 2019 at Rajkumar College

 IPSC MUN 2019 at Rajkumar College

From 16th April to 18th April, 8 girls from MGD participated in Rajkumar college MUN IPSC 2019 and 7 out of 8 girls received prizes. MGD stood overall winner for the best delegation of the conference category. 

The award winners are:- 

1.)Devishi Gupta- Best Delegate 

2.) Himja dawe- High commendation 

3.) Pranshu Bharadwaj- high commendation 

4.) maahi Bumb- special mention 

5.) aanvi Gaur- special mention

6.) Charvi Birla- special mention

7.) Devyani Champawat- verbal mention


Published on 2019-04-25 07:28:33