A team of 3 students comprising Pranjal Gaur, Class 12, Navyanandana Singh, Class 11 and Maryam Chauhan, Class 10, participated in the 11th edition of the Vaad Vivaad organised by Aaj Tak at the Vasant Valley School on 17th, 18th and 19th of August. The competition took place in 3 rounds. In the first round there were 44 schools which were divided into 11 pools, each consisting of 4 schools which contested with each other to make their place in the quarter finals. 2 speakers of the team had to speak for 3 minutes on the topic, and answer one question asked by the opposite team and the third member of the team had to be the Prashnakarta. Out of these 44 schools MGD made it to the Semi-Finals. In the Semi Finals 11 schools contested against each other, out of which 2 schools which were the Vasant Valley School itself and the Doon School made it to the Final round which was held on 19th of August. This was a highly enriching experience for the MGD team which got constant support from Mrs. Sarju Gupta and Dr. Ratna Sharma, the teachers in charge.