Organized on virtual platform at MGD Girls School, Jaipur from 26th August to 28th August 2021. The competition was inaugurated by the principal of the school, Mrs. Archana S. Mankotia. The program started with paying homage to Late Smt. Rani Vidya Devi, former Chairperson President of the school. The principal of the school said that during the Corona period, e-sports and virtual games have reduced mental stress on one hand and on the other hand it has also enriched young children with the knowledge of technology. Sports activities like Zumba, Skipping Rope, Ludo, Chess and Yoga were organized in this competition, which lasted for three days. Sports Captain Kanak Singh presented vote of thanks. The judges appreciated the efforts of the sports department for organizing activities for primary classes as well. The results were In the end, the vote of thanks was given by Sports Captain Naina Singh. The competitions were held under the able guidance of Dr. Monika Mathur, Head of the Sports Department were as follows – Yoga: Florence Nightingale- 1st Ludo: Madam Curie House- 1st Chess (Juniors): Florence Nightingale House- 1st Chess (Seniors): Madam Curie House – 1st Rope-Skipping (Jr.): Helen Keller House- 1st Rope-skipping (Sr.) Zumba- Helen Keller House – 1st Overall results- Helen Keller- 1st Florence Nightingale- 2nd Sarojini Naidu- 3rd Madam Curie- 4th Vote of thanks by Naina Singh