Janmashtami Celebration

Janmashtami was celebrated by the students of MGD on 28th August 2021. The student council organized various creative activities for classes 6th-10th. Class 6th - fancy dress event was organized wherein each student dressed as the characters from Mahabharta. Class 7th- Dahi Handi decoration activity was organized in which each student decorated the Dahi Handis beautifully using materials available at home. Class 8th- flute decoration activity was organized wherein each student decorated flutes and told a one-minute story for the same. Class 9th- five excerpts from the Mahabharta and Geeta were discussed, giving students a chance to interpret the excerpts to understand Indian mythology. Class 10th- Essay writing activity on the topic, "If Krishna was here in Kalyuga." All the students expressed their points of view which were discussed afterwards in the class. Interesting facts about Janmashtami and Lord Krishna were also shared during the session. Across sections, the volunteers conducted expeditious quizzes, showcased riveting videos, and set forth PPTs to make students better understand the main idea of the celebration. The students were very enthusiastic to display their originality. Thanks to the School Cabinet!!