Tarab-IPSC Dance Fest 2021

The IPSC Dance Festival 2021, ‘Tarab’ was hosted by the Daly College, Indore from 22nd to 24th October, 2021. It comprised 5 events namely; ‘Lokabhivyakti’- Group Folk Dance, ‘Mirror’- Duo Dance, ‘Abhinava’- Group Choreography, ‘Breakerzz’- Western Dance (Solo) and ‘Nrityashakti’- Indian Classical Dance (Solo). MGD participated in all 5 categories. The participants were Stuti Agarwal 9 B; Akshita Tejwani 9 D; Mrinalini Seth 10 E; Paravi Mandowara 10 D; Vidushree Daga 10 G; Akshara Daga 10 G; Apoorva Yadav 10 F; Sneha Johri 10 B; Ananya Mishra 10 C; Riddhi Maheshwari 10 C; Bhoomi Agarwal 10 E; Himani Prajapat 10 G; Shronita Sharma 11 C; Titiksha Tiwari 11 E; Vedika Agarwal 11 A; Nandini Terapanti 11 E; Bhavya Sharda 11 E; Shambhavi Verma 12 A; Priyal Jain 12 D and Radhika Kacholia 12 E. The Solo dance events and the Duo dance were conducted live, while the group events were pre-recorded. Apoorva Yadav from our school won the outstanding performance in her category i.e. Solo Western. MGD Dance squad put up an exemplary display in the festival. A very heartfelt gratitude to the dance teachers Ms. Nikita Mudgal and Ms. Archana Saxena. Gratitude to the Cultural Coordinator, Ms. Cherry Goyal and the Activity Coordinator, Dr Sonia Ahuja for their support and guidance. A special thanks to Principal, Mrs Archana S Mankotia for the incredible opportunity.