Offline classes were conducted for class 5 on 9th Nov, 2021. Students were given the guidelines to be followed for the offline classes. The parents were asked to send the consent forms if they were willing to send their wards to school. The students were full of enthusiasm and were welcomed by the school with great fervour. Icebreaking activities and meditation were conducted to make the students comfortable. The students participated in the activities with great joy. Chocolates were distributed which added a smile on every child's face. They all danced to their favourite songs. The children were given some time to eat, play and relax. Maths and English classes were conducted offline. An English poem, 'Trees' by Alfred Kilmer, was read in the class, which was integrated with art. The students were taken to the FROLIC PARK to collect leaves to paint a tree by using hand and leaf printing. The students showcased great creativity through this activity. The students enjoyed offline classes and went home with the hope of getting to come back soon!