Personality Development Module

Personality Development Module Session-1 Curating Confidence Date-28th November 2021 MGD Girls’ School, Jaipur, in another remarkable feat under the vision of its incredible Principal, Mrs Archana S Mankotia, initiated Personality Development and Confidence Building Sessions for its students from classes III to VIII; IX and XI. The first session under this series was conducted on 28th November 2021 by Ms Cherry Goyal, Cultural Coordinator of the school, ELT Expert and Teacher Trainer. The title of the session was “Curating Confidence”. The session was planned and executed in two parts following all COVID-19 protocol, part 1 was for the younger students from classes III to VIII. The session started with a Name Your Self Well activity that included introducing oneself with and an adjective that matches one’s first name and then describing how that quality was manifested by them. The students participated very enthusiastically and came up with adjectives like Diligent, Reliable, Magnanimous, etc. Next an activity that included Total Physical Response was conducted for which the trainer gave clues to all students, who further enacted their clues and the other groups guessed the clue. All students enjoyed planning, performing and guessing the things written on their slips, which ranged from acting like a balloon to blowing like wind. Next, a discussion on understanding what confidence is, was taken up. The students talked about things that they felt before they started anything new, like being nervous. The trainer then gave them a list of motivational words and asked them to pick 5 each from the list and reflect on them. Next, the students chose the top word from their lists and spoke about how they would practice it in the coming week. The students were given a cut-out of heart to be pasted in their notebooks and filled each day with things they do during the day to affirm their confidence. Part 2 of the session comprised an outdoor activity for students of classes IX and XI. The activity began with a quick Fire in the Mountain game but with a twist. The students were asked to think of various leadership qualities they possess, the trainer called out a few and the students grouped themselves according to the quality they had thought of. Next, a discussion on the chosen quality was held to give the students a chance of self-expression and shedding inhibitions. The finale included singing of the School Song that infused all the students with fondness for their school. Overall, the session was very fruitful and successful and all the students went back more confident and exuberant, thanking the Principal, School and Ms Cherry.