Pedagames Orientation Session

MGD Girls’ School, Jaipur organized an Orientation Session for the teaching faculty on 11 March 2022, related to creating ‘Pedagames’, an innovative way of teaching- learning through pedagogy based games in the classroom, under the guidance of the Principal, Mrs Archana S Mankotia. The session was facilitated by the School Coordinator Mrs Pramendra Khangarot, Cultural Coordinator Mrs Cherry Goyal, Senior Commerce Faculty Mrs Anjali Jagdev and Art Teacher Mrs Tusharika Singh. The session began with a few activities involving creative thinking, total physical response and helped awaken the child within each of us. It included a discussion on ways to teach concepts and ideas through games and the importance of gamification in learning as the latest approach for teaching. The facilitators talked about games being a perfect medium to help increase student participation and interaction, motivate students to take risks wisely, improve attentiveness and enhance learning skills. Using games as a pedagogy fosters problem-solving skills among students, promotes collaboration and teamwork, develops higher-order thinking skills and build clarity of concepts. The session was thoroughly interactive and left the teachers brainstorming to create interesting Pedagogical Games for each subject.