Club activities

Dedicated to the cause of preparing children for their community roles, various clubs are involved in activities and projects that inculcate the spirit of nationalism, brotherhood, tolerance and cohesive integration. Taking a comprehensive view of functioning of the clubs, the students utilize and explore diverse opportunities to channelize their energies constructively and widen their perspectives to become awakened individuals of the new and advanced world. In order to ensure efficient execution of Club activities for the session 2022-23, the club incharges undertook initiatives as per the planner for the session 2022-23 and conducted them smoothly in the scheduled time i.e. on 30th April 2022. The students showed enthusiasm and interest in various activities. The various activities conducted by the clubs were: PATH MITRA CLUB - poster making and Slogan Writing Filmit - VN editor INTERACT CLUB- Making of bird feeder,pot decoration & flower-making FOLK DANCE CLUB -how to balance MUN CLUB - The MUN Club proposes “Open Forum” for classes 6-12, wherein a topic will be raised from the current world affairs, for eg: The Russia & Ukraine War, Bankruptcy of Sri Lanka, etc. All the students will then be able to put forward their views and solutions, which they feel are feasible. IT club - Designing e-card using Canva Heritage Club - Nukkad naatak and quiz on Heritage day Creative club - Making planters using plastic bottles Courageous Cadet Club - Placing Bird feeder & water pots for bird in school campus ???? - ??????? ???? -??????? ?????? Quiz Warrior Club -Video presentation on pop culture further proceeding with preliminary round of popculture quiz Math Pirates -Architect in me. Forum Club - Ice breaker Quiz Amigos Club - discussion on empathy and the right approach with the mentees. GREEN WARRIORS - Save soil campaign in collaboration with Isha foundation Health & Wellness -Tug Drama Club -Story Telling - presentation community service club - Donation drive Amuse-toi Club -T-shirt designing with french elements Culinary Club - Making posters for the club.