Virtual Exchange Program (MGDVEP)

Virtual Exchange Program (MGDVEP) ‘City Through My Lens’ INTERNATIONAL INTELLECTUAL EXCHANGE i-SMSC 2022 Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ School has embarked on a yet another novel journey with its second Virtual Exchange Program (MGDVEP). The program is a manifestation of the Principal, Mrs Archana S Mankotia’s vision to help students develop themselves, thus contributing to society from an early age and promoting self-development through a life-changing experience. This program will not only broaden personal perspectives but also will let the students see the world, experience a new culture through an exploration of one’s City, its Architecture, Culture, Cuisine, Language and Tourism related USP. A group of 30 students from MGD School are participating in this online exchange programme hosted by i-SMSC, SMJK SHING CHUNG, Malaysia under the guidance of the Cultural Coordinator Ms. Cherry Goyal, Senior Faculty Members, Ms. Dipti Mahajan and Ms. Sunita Rathore. Four schools, from Malaysia, Pakistan and India are a part of this programme, connecting via virtual platform, Google Meet. The objective of the project is to give an opportunity to students to communicate, exchange ideas and foster goodwill. On Day 4, 28th April, of the i- SMSC Exchange Programme, Beaconhouse School System, Karachi, Pakistan hosted the meet. The day began on Google Meet with exchange of greetings among all four schools and the students of Beaconhouse School System shared a quiz link based on geographical conditions and culture of Pakistan. Then a colourful and informative presentation was shared with information about Pakistan’s varied cultures namely Pashto, Balochi, Punjabi, Kashmiri, Afghani and Sindhi. Next came the clothes, food and religion of these cultures followed by festivities and the art forms. Students from Pakistan shared the issues like pollution, terrorism and migration and the ways in which these issues can be dealt with. The entire presentation was an eye-opener as students not only learnt about the vibrant ethnic groups living in Pakistan but also observed the awareness of common people of the country discussing the issues like terrorism openly and a keenness to find a solution to the same. On day 5 the closing session of the I-SMSC online exchange programme began with Ms. Zatil Afiqah Binti Sukri Head of English Club I-SMSC 2022 inviting the host school Principal Ms.Jee Keat Mei who expressed sincere gratitude to the participant school principals ,teacher coordinators and students for attending the programme and utilizing the virtual platform of Google Meet in best possible way during the pandemic and making it possible to create a global understanding among the students of all participant nations. Then the teacher coordinators of all four schools shared their feed backs and pictures of the entire programme. The Cultural Coordinator of MGD Girls’ School Ms. Cherry Goyal, teacher coordinators Ms. Dipti Mahajan and Ms. Sunita Rathore expressed sincere thanks on behalf of students. Ms Dipti Mahajan also shared a ppt of pictures right from the day this programme was announced till the day it ended. This ppt showcased the emotional journey of MGD School students with an apprehensive beginning to the cheerful closing. The students bid farewell to each other with a promise to carry this goodwill and harmony of five days’ togetherness in their hearts forever. After the closing session, the students of MGD Girls’ School had a question answer and photo -session with their Principal Ms. Archana S Mankotia where the students shared their learning and feedback of the programme.