All-round development means mental, physical, psychological, spiritual and vocational development. We cannot achieve this all-round development by following mere class room teaching-learning procedures. Here the relevance of Club Activities becomes prominent. Every student is to be a member of at least one club.In order to encourage students to participate in various programmes and activities and widen their horizon and experience which is more important for their all round development, the school organised a NO BAG DAY on 16th July 2022. Following club activities were organised on 16th July 2022 to encourage the students to participate in activities which added to their interest and holistic development. Artaspiration Club Lippan work Astronomy Club Alien making competition by using straw, leaves and any waste material Path Mitra Club Poster making and Slogan Writing Adventure Club 1.Basic of Adventure 2. Equipment briefing Amigos Designing of worksheets Amuse-toi Club Posters on BASTILLE DAY Community service club Briefing them about IDF collection and plantation drive. Also discussing about the 'Social Service Camp'. And community service room decoration. Courageous Cadet Club Poster Making , Poem Recitation, Extempore Creative club Making planters using plastic bottles Culinary Club Napkin Folds Design Thinking Storytelling as an approach to problem solving DM & SDG Club 1. Video will be shown on how to make useful things by scrape.. 2. Students to share their creative ideas to make things by scrape Drama Club Story Telling - presentation Filmit Club Technacks Folk Dance CLUB How to balance Forum Club Jam Activity Green Warrior Club Green Warrior Garden Development Health & Wellness Yoga Heritage Club Timeline preparation on the important events of Indian History Interact CLUB Poster making based on VAN MAHOTSAV and book mark design. IT club Technacks Math Pirates Architect in me. MUN CLUB The MUN initiation: All students will be given sun topics like "What if Santa was Indian" or other sarcastic/ Humorous topics to speak about. This will be a JAM session. This will give students a very good idea of improvisation during MUNs and enable Subjective thinking skills. Music Club Prayer and Songs Quiz Warrior Club 1. Video will be shown on prominent women of India 2. Quiz in the form of riddles1 Shutterbug CLUB CAPTURING BEAUTY OF MGD CAMPUS Spectra Club Connecting links and Debating TED ED club Practice Public Speaking 1.Sketching the feelings before Speaking Activity 2.If you were to speak on You Tube for 30seconds.Activity based on the journal provided by the club.