Kargil Vijay Divas

A day to commemorate the 23rd year of India’s Kargil Victory was organised by the Courageous Cadet Club of MGD Girls’ School under the guidance of Chief Cadet Officer Mrs Anjali Sharma, on 25th July. The Chief Guest for the same was Col. Jitendra Kumar, *Shaurya* Chakra Director, NCC Rajasthan. The event consisted of patriotic performances by the cadets including group singing of a medley of nationalistic songs like ‘Yeh Desh hai Veer Jawano ka’ and ‘Ayy Vatan’, a recitation of Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s beloved peom, ‘Azadi ke Geet’, and a heart touching reenactment of a matyr’s military funeral. A video on the brief history of the Kargil War and its legacy was also presented. The event concluded with a prize distribution ceremony and a speech by our chief guest, during which he encouraged students to join the NDA and shared motivating stories of his daughter, who herself is a defence officer stationed at Baramullah. A token of appreciation was also presented to Sir by Madam Principal, followed by the National Anthem.