News and Events

MGDians at BVJ MUN, Jaipur

Charvi Birla - Special mention 
Ovi Kulkarni - High commendation 
Arya Gogia - High commendation 
Harshita poonia -High commendation

KIC Univ Assist American University Fair organised at MGD on Friday for class XI and XII

Representatives from 19 American Universities interacted with students

MGD bagged the trophy at Vidya Devi Jindal Arts Festival at Hissar

Events: Tray design, Umbrella decoration, Sculpture, Rangoli, Embroidery, Folk Dance.

School Birthday celebrations

School Birthday celebrations-InterHouse Musical competition 
-presenting Maona, Beauty and the Beast, Wizard of Oz and Aladdin.

Vocational training for students of class X,Food production

Students of class X,Food production, visited Hotel Radisson as part of their vocational training.They had an interactive session with Chef Daniel followed by an interactive session with faculty of Ananta where students cleared various doubts .


MGD Intra MUN- an initiative of the MUN club to organise an MUN session for the girls within the school to give them a platform to learn and experience.
Overwhelming response from the girls so had to restrict to 200 participants