News and Events

Hubs of learning is the latest measure taken by the Central board of Secondary Education.

Hubs of learning is the latest measure taken by the Central board of Secondary Education to provide a unique opportunity for schools to learn from each others experiences. The very first activity for the same was organized in MGD Girls’ School on July 19. Fifty students from Five schools participated in the various activities like Art, Dance, Music , Drama and Speaking skills which helped them to develop qualities like team work, collaboration, creativity, critical and analytical thinking. This was a non-competitive event and the

Saturday evening activity for MGD boarders

Boarders enjoying Saturday evening activity.....quiz for Lilian Hurst, JAM session for Deepshikhans and Quint Hurdle for classes 8th to 10th organised by class 11th.

MGDians at All India IPSC Badminton (U-14,17 &19)Tournament

All India IPSC Badminton (U-14,17 &19)Tournament which was held at Genesis Global School, Noida from 10th to 12th July 2019.
Our school U-14-secured second position in the team event (Pati Gupta,Saanvi Sharma, Hritika Choudhary, Apoorva Yadav,Sannati Baid) and U-19 Faguni Awasti secured 3rd position in the Individual event.

Maths department of MGD Girls'School organized a workshop for teachers.

On 29th June ,Maths department of MGD Girls'School ,organized a workshop for teachers teaching Maths .It was conducted by Mrs. Archana Raj .It focussed on activity based learning to be further implemented in classes. The activities covered topics like 
1. How to recall prime and composite numbers?
2. Solving mathematics through a relay game.
3. Preparing and presenting question s based on activities.
The workshop was highly appreciated by all.

Lt Gen Sagat Singh's birth centenary is being celebrated at MGD

Army officers talking to the girls about Lt Gen Sagat Singh whose birth centenary is being celebrated......a distinguished soldier associated with Liberation of Goa, controlling Mizo insurgency, Nathu La skirmish and most importantly the architect of Bangladesh liberation

Workshop on Climate change.

Inauguration of the Geography Lab after renovation followed by Workshop on Climate change and it's impact in Rajasthan by Professor Sharma.

MUN training workshop.

MUN training workshop was organised by the Skillsphere organisation on 5th, 6th and 8th July for classes 8th to 12th grade. 
Over 50 girls participated in the workshop and it turned out to be a great success and will act as a stepping stone for the beginners.