Boarding/Day Boarding

The Boarding and Day Boarding -environment at MGD helps in developing a well-rounded personality and an extra sense of belonging which is important for our young people. This sense of belonging gives girls an opportunity to feel connected, listened to, valued, and supported. Such an environment, protects them against mental health issues, improves learning, and produces happier, more relaxed, and adaptable people. They have access to tutoring, development of self-care skills, routine and structure.

A warm, caring and safe environment which will help develop a child’s personality is what MGD offers to our boarders. The senior girls lovingly called “jija” (elder sister) creates an instant rapport and bonding with each other.

The boarder girls are divided in six hostels.

Grade 1 to 6 girls are housed in Lilian Hurst named after the founder principal, Ms. LG Lutter.

Grade 7 and 8 girls are in Deepshikha hostel while grade 8 to 12 are housed in different hostels as per their Houses.

housed in different hostels as per their Houses.

Madame Curie House girls are in Aashiana hostel,

Florence Nightingale House girls in Vidya Devi Bhavan ground floor,

Helen Keller House girls in  Vidya Devi Bhavan first floor and

Sarojini Naidu House girls in Maharani Indira Devi Bhavan hostel.

Personality development workshops are organized focusing on confidence building, public speaking, time management, interpersonal skills and general grooming in sync with the vision of our founder. The senior girls are given responsibility to organize activities and clubs giving opportunities to take initiative and responsibility. Morning PT and evening sport is a must for every boarder. Boarders celebrate all festivals and have cooking days when a group of senior girls prepare meals for the rest of the boarders. Various events like Hostel Birthday, Garba, Talent show etc provide opportunities to girls to showcase their talent. On Republic Day the senior girls serve food to the entire juniors and the class IV employees. Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated through cleanliness drives. The girls wash their own utensils on Sundays to give much needed support to the maids. Such traditions set in the life of a boarder, inculcates value systems such as empathy, care and compassion. The school also provides on campus salon to the girls of higher classes as it believes in the overall grooming of students. Outings and field trips as well as visit to orphanages further help them to expand their horizons. The school has a large dining hall with a capacity of serving 400 girls and teachers with best quality food at a time. Vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian meals are served. Due care is taken to keep the menu tasty as well as nutritious. A mess committee comprising of student representatives from all hostels, meets every three months to decide and deliberate on the menu to be served, dining hall rules and etiquettes.

Boarding life helps young girls to develop a well-rounded personality and prepares them to face the future with confidence, resilience and fortitude.

Mandatory Day Boarding begins from Class VI.