Student Led Initiatives

A very important part of our curriculum is to give more and more opportunities to students to exercise their initiatives, implement their ideas, plan, organize and execute events. For this, we have Student Event Coordinators in our student council called the Cabinet. The Cabinet organizes a three to five-day fest called Fuchsia which includes about 30 different types of events and competitions for all age groups. This is a completely student led fest. They also organize Fuchsia Fundraiser to help donate to the various NGOs working for various social causes.

Students have taken initiative to start TED Talks and BOOK DRIVE called “School to School” where they collect books, notebooks, stationery items and other items and give it to the schools who may be in need of it.

Students organised E-Literature fest comprising of different forms of public speaking such as debates, extempore, poem recitation, read-a thon to help the girls to further hone their speaking and writing skills along with boosting their confidence and out of box thinking.

Other Curricular Activities like- Exhibitions, Cleanliness Drives, Gandhi Jayanti tableau, Treasure Hunt, Open Mic keep up the enthusiasm and vibrancy of the learning atmosphere of the campus, are also organised by the student body.