Trip to AATS (Army Airborne Training School ) Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

All Indians are my brothers and sisters.’ The pledge said it, but the NCC training camps proved it. " Trip to AATS (Army Airborne Training School ) Agra, Uttar Pradesh. On 25th December 2022, 33 NCC cadets along with ANO Chief Officer Anjali Sharma went to Agra. On the way they visited Fatehpur Sikri. At AATS a camp fire was organised for the girls which was really boon during the X-mas time . 26 th Dec 2022 ,they visited the Training Hanger of the AATS where they familiarised with Airborne equipment used for heavy dropping . They witnessed the airborne drop including the combat Sky diving at the Drop Zone .The nuances of Combat free fall during the operation were explained. 27th Dec 2022 , they visited 50 (I) Para Brigade where they witnessed various type of platforms being used to drop the combat load ie Heavy Guns to Mechanised Combat vehicles . The most thrilling of the event was demonstration at the KILL HOUSE . A team of well trained trooper showed the building intervention drills being used to clear a house occupied by the anti National Elements. They also got an opportunity to do rock climbing and firing which gave us a sense of confidence.