Shradhanjali to former Chairperson, Late Rani Vidya Devi Ji

On 20 August 2022, Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ School paid their heartfelt and sincere Shradhanjali to former Chairperson, Late Rani Vidya Devi Ji. His Highness Maharaj Jai Singh Ji, Chairperson MGD Girls’ School, Kunwar Ajay Singh ji, and Kunwarani Ambika Kumari, were present on the solemn occasion. Ms Jane Himmeth Singh, Founder Student and President, MGD Girls’ Guild, Administrative Officer Col. S S Sangwan, Col S S Mankotia, Ms Nirmala Durlabhji, Ms Maya and Ms Sarandha also attended the Shradhanjali to pay homage to Rani Vidya Devi. Rani Vidya Devi was an epitome of grace, dignity, and warmth, who continued the legacy of our founder Rajmata Gayatri Devi Ji ever since she took over as Chairperson, MGD Girls’ School in 2009. Madam Principal Mrs Archana S Mankotia, in her address, highlighted the importance of celebrating the iconic persona of Rani Vidya Devi Ji, and remembering her not just through our words, but also by our actions as we work our utmost for the highest to fulfill her vision of MGD. Head Girl, Nandini Terapanthi enlightened the audience on the impeccable life led by Rani Vidya Devi Ji, and concluded the event by offering her respect on behalf of the entire MGD Family. Lastly, all attendees bowed their heads in reverence and offered floral tributes as the sound of bhajans presented by the school choir engulfed the environment with sanctity and spirituality. Rani Vidya Devi Ji’s spirit will continue to live on at MGD for generations to come.