The award distribution ceremony of SOF for the International and Zonal winners from classes 3rd to 12th (session 2021-22) was held in the School on 26th August 2022. Pratyaksha Chanchalani of class 3 was awarded International rank one in IMO and NCO and received 2 Golds, she got international rank three in ISSO and received Bronze medal for it . Porushi Ranawat of class 7 got International rank three in IEO and received a Bronze medal besides that she received medal of distinctions for IGKO and NSO. Parineeta Singh of class 9 stood second in ISSO and received an International Silver medal. Kaneesa Soni of Class 5 got zonal rank five in NCO and received a zonal silver medal she also got 2 medals of distinction for NSO and IMO . Charvi Choudhary of class 4 got zonal rank five in NSO and rank four in IMO and received 2 zonal medals. The following students received medal of distinction for various subjects: Aaravi of class 3rd -NSO, Sanya Lamba of class 4th – IGKO , IEO, NSO. Laranya Singh of class 5th – NCO Aaradhya Choudhary of class 6th – IGKO Nurit Chhabra of class of 7th – ISSO Adhya Nahata of class 8th – ISSO Dishamrutha Rajpurohit of class 8th -IEO Nandini Agarwal of class 8th – IEO Falguni Gupta of class 9th – IEO ,NCO ,ISSO ,IGKO Abhishree Malpani of class 9th – IGKO Tvisha Pandey of class 10th -IEO Priyani Singhal of class 11th – ICO Madam Principal felicitated the students and the teacher incharge Ms Neetu Saraf. She encouraged them to give their utmost in all future endeavors.