Dā€™ Fest 2022

Students from M.G.D Girls’ School participated in D’fest which is an inter-school State level dance competition organized by the Buskers' dance institute under the three group dance categories. M.G.D chose the captivating Garba dance form from the charming state of Gujarat and in western category, MGD performed a Jazz choreography based on a DC character also taking a step towards sustainability. The t-shirts worn as costumes for the performance were hand painted Avni Agarwal. The classical performance from our school encapsulated the very beauty of pure classical dance starting with the Shiv Tandav Stotram which is an ode to the lord of dance Natraja moving on to two pure Nritta pieces and finally ending with a song coherent to the beautiful monsoon season. MGD won the title for the Best Expressions in Folk Dance, title for power-packed performance in western dance, and the title for Ang Prashast in the classical dance category. We thank Ms. Nikita, Ms. Archana and Ms. Vandana for their constant guidance and encouragement.