Field Trip- Viratnagar

A group of 32 Students from Classes VI-XII of the Filmit Club, Heritage Club and Disaster Management Club of M.G.D. Girls School went for one day field trip to Viratnagar on 17th September 2022 via bus. They were accompanied by teacher incharges Ms Asha Laungani, Ms Manisha Dixit, Ms Anshu Jain, Ms Neetu Mathur and Ms Saby Bachchan. The group was keen to attain knowledge of invaluable heritage that had been part of this ancient and magnificent excavation site- Viratnagar (Bairat). The expedition began with a 2-hour bus ride to Viratnagar followed by trekking to Bijak ki Pahari to see remnants of Buddhist monasteries. The group was positively charged with meditation at the site and visit to an ancient temple. Other historical places covered were Bheem ki Dungari, a large cave with tales dating back to disguised banishment of Pandavas. Furthermore, the group visited Ganesh Giri Temple and museum, Ashoka Shilalekh, Mughal Gate, Digambar Jain Temple and Hanuman Temple. The heritage city of Viratnagar is a budding tourist destination. The students shot pictures, videos and documented information given by the cooperative guides and caretakers Mr Pawan and Mr Ajay. The students were enlightened about significance and need to preserve precious heritage as it helps in understanding of human existence. The club members are enthusiastically working on presentations, documentaries and short films. They also plan to write to the various authorities to highlight the need for preserving such valuable heritage