IPSC Music Fest- 2022

“Qasid – a harbinger spreading the message of beauty and love, the rise and fall of time, spring and bloom, morality and wisdom...Music conceptualized through heartfelt and joyful emotions, empowering us to become a qasid”. This was the central idea, the host school, Daly College, Indore, wished to put across through the array of musical competitions organised as a part of IPSC Music Fest 2022. A team of 18 students with 4 Music Teachers participated in the event from MGD School. The categories for performances were vocal and instrumental music, wherein a total of 9 events took place namely; Indian Vocal Solo, Indian Patriotic Group Song, Indian Semi-Classical Solo, Western Vocal Solo, Western Group Singing, Indian Instrumental Solo, Indian Orchestra, Western Instrumental Solo and Western Orchestra. A total of 14 schools participated and the competition was tough. With a lovely campus and welcoming students and staff, Daly College surely left a lasting impact on all our delegates. The first two days, the 19th and 20th of October concluded all our events and a tour of the city and campus, meanwhile the last day, the 21st of October was the enthralling closing ceremony. The chief guest for the same was Pandit Sajan Mishra, the renowned Padma Bhushan, Indian classical vocalist. Team MGD received the award for outstanding performance in Indian Patriotic Song Event, from such an esteemed personality.