Virtual Exchange Program with Fuchun Secondary School, Singapore

As the world becomes smaller and smaller through the ease of communication technology, it also enables students to interact and broaden their horizons by coming across different cultures and societies. With the goal of enabling such cultural exchange and interaction between students of different countries, MGD, under the guidance and vision of its Principal, Mrs. Archana S Mankotia, organised a virtual exchange program. 48 students from classes 4 and 5 took part in the Virtual Exchange Program held by Fuchun Secondary School, Singapore. A virtual tour of MGD Girls’ School was conducted during the school immersion time. The students of both the schools interacted and got an opportunity to satisfy their curious minds. Some questions that our little ones had in mind were: What time does the school start in India and Singapore? What is the story behind Singapore’s Merlion? What are the subjects taught in their school? The session was very interactive and the students had a memorable experience. The students were eager to spend more time as they were curious to know mor