Kaizen-Personality Development Module Session-2 - Curating Confidence

MGD Girls’ School, Jaipur, initiated Personality Development and Confidence Building Sessions for its students in the boarding house across classes I to XII in the year 2021, under the vision of its Principal, Mrs Archana S Mankotia. The first session under this series for the Academic year 2023-24 was conducted on 25th February 2023 for the School Cabinet. The second session under the module was conducted on 15th April by Ms Cherry Goyal, Cultural Coordinator and Cambridge in charge of the school. The title of the session was Curating Confidence. The aim of this self-exploratory session with an activity titled"The Lighthouse" was to know each other, help students who feel isolated in expressing those feelings and visualizing hope as a therapeutic and beautiful way to identify needs, develop faith for the future, and realize where they are on a specific journey. An activity titled- Balloon Chain, an exciting leadership and team building game was also conducted. In this game, students formed a chain connected by balloons, as 2 teams. Then the teams dropped their balloons inside a box without breaking the chain. This game stressed how teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking are vital to lead a group. The session was also attended by Class Teachers of Class XI. It turned out to be a fruitful and effective session and all the students felt more confident and high-spirited, they thanked the Principal and their School for the opportunity.