Self Defense Workshop

Self defense is not only our right but our duty. A self-defense workshop was organized by MGD Girls' School on 29th April 2023. The workshop was conducted by STRIKE which is a Government approved self defense programme to handle real life crimes and is based on techniques from world's best fighting systems. 2 Teams from STRIKE came to train our students: Team 1 : Anuj Panwar - founder Director STRIKE Ms. Divya - Lead Instructor Mr. Pranshu Tanwar - Senior Instructor Team 2 : Gaurav Jain - Founder Director and master trainer Mr. Ajay Asri - Admin. Head Ms. Reena - Senior Instructor Ms. Joshika - Instructor The aim of this workshop was to inculcate the art of self-defense in our students which is vital in today’s world. Students from class 6 to 10 were taught various techniques which could be used for self-defense during unexpected attacks. The students as well as teachers were asked to perform some of these techniques for a better understanding. We thank the school and Madam Principal for this opportunity and look forward to many similar activities in the Foreseeable future.