Kaizen-Personality Development Module Session-Title- Body Language

Kaizen-Personality Development Module

Session: 2023-24

Title- Body Language

Date- 19th August, 2023

MGD Girls’ School, Jaipur, initiated Personality Development and Confidence Building Sessions for its students in the boarding house across classes I to XII in the year 2021, under the vision of its Principal, Mrs Archana S Mankotia.

The session titled ‘Body Language’ under the module was conducted on 19th August,2023 by Ms. Benu Puri and Ms. Samina Abbasi. The girls of the Prep Section were apprised about the importance of correct body language and gestures. They were also told about the inappropriate body language and gestures which should be avoided. Personality, regardless of what it is now, can be changed and evolved to achieve one’s goals.

The girls completed the worksheets given to them with great ease. The students participated enthusiastically in the activities done during the session and then finally they enjoyed the chocolates with equal zeal.