Kaizen-Personality Development Module Session- S.W.O.T.

Kaizen-Personality Development Module



Date- 2023

MGD Girls’ School, Jaipur, initiated Personality Development and Confidence Building Sessions for its students in the boarding house across classes I to XII in the year 2021, under the vision of its Principal, Mrs Archana S Mankotia. The session titled S.W.O.T under the module was conducted on 19th August by Ms Girija Singh for class XI Boarders.

Objective: To introspect, look deep with in through relaxation technique taking them to subconscious level ‘Know thyself ‘ then identify themselves with any object, person, anything which they feel has all characteristics of what they have, then bring them to conscious state and draw the picture. Interpret their core schema ,then ask them to identify their Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat . Counsel them individually how to develop High self esteem based on their strength and improvise on their Weakness. Girija Singh