Summary of MGD MUN Delegations in August

1. Vardhman International School, Jaipur

21st and 22nd August 2023

A. Yashika Bairathi - XI D Verbal Mention

B. Nurit Chhabra - IX E Verbal Mention

2. India International School Sitapura, Jaipur

25th and 26th August 2023


A. Roshni Agarwal XII E

UNHCR - Best Delegate , Cash prize - Rs 3000/-

B. Swasti Khangarot IX E

AIPPM - Best Delegate, Cash prize - Rs 3000/-

C. Rashi Goyal - 8 E

AIPPM - High Commendation

D. Amaya Manocha - 9 D

AIPPM - Verbal Mention

E. Ahana Jha - 8 D

AIPPM - Verbal Mention

Executive Board -

1. Radhika Das XII F Chairperson for United Nations Security Council

2. Ridhima Dhaliwal XI H Chairperson for United Nations High Commission for Refugees

3. Singapore International School (Online MUN)

5th - 6th August 2023

Ridhima Dhaliwal XI H - High Commendation