Interactive Workshop Story telling

A storytelling workshop, led by Ms. Pallavi Singh, an MGD alumna and seasoned Soft Skills Trainer, was conducted at MGD. The event garnered the active participation of teachers in charge for Classes 6 to 8, accompanied by the esteemed presence of the school's Principal Mrs Archana S Mankotia and Vice Principal Ms Pramendra Khangarot. Ms. Singh initiated the workshop with a voice modulation exercise, emphasizing its role in captivating audiences during storytelling. Participants crafted and presented instructional stories on various subjects. Key takeaways included the impact of perceptions and perspectives on storytelling, its potential as an instructional tool, and its influence on classroom ambience. The workshop also highlighted voice modulation, timed pauses, and the infusion of energy into storytelling. Overall, the event emphasized storytelling's significance in effective teaching, garnering enthusiasm from educators and school leadership.