Social Science Annual Exhibition Report

The Annual Exhibition organized by Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls' School, Jaipur on 14th and 15th December by the Social Science Department showcased insightful projects and messages from three villages—Tuntunpur, Bhikampura, and Dholakpur. The theme of the Social Science exhibition was "Gram Panchayat," focusing on the diverse issues and initiatives taken by these villages.

**Tuntunpur - Empowering Women:**

Tuntunpur presented a compelling message on women empowerment, emphasizing the pivotal role of women in societal progress.

**Bhikampura - Addressing Water Scarcity:**

Bhikampura drew attention to the critical issue of water scarcity through their exhibition. The village highlighted innovative solutions and community-driven efforts by Shri Rajendra Singh (Waterman Of India) to conserve water resources.

**Dholakpur - Embracing Digitalization:**

Dholakpur's exhibit centered on the theme of digitalization, showcasing how technology can transform rural life. The village demonstrated the positive impact of digital initiatives.

While each village focused on a specific message, cross cutting themes of community collaboration, sustainable development, and the role of education were woven throughout the exhibition. These overarching themes served as a reminder of the interconnectedness of various societal aspects and the need for holistic approaches.

The Social Science department also presented the Pottery Workshop, Fresco and Araish Work which was also showcased in the Jaipur History Festival 2023. The students of Sociology depicted different topics, such as Youth Culture, inequalities, stereotypes etc.