Model G20 Summit

The Model G20 Summit at Mayo College, Ajmer, provided an enriching experience for participants from MGD Girls' School, Jaipur. The simulation offered a glimpse into the intricate workings of the G20, fostering a deeper appreciation for diplomacy, consensus-building, and the collaborative efforts required to address global challenges. The keynote speech by Mr. Amitabh Kant further enhanced the educational value of the event, offering unique insights into India's role within the G20. Students had the opportunity to represent various countries, engaging in intense debates and negotiations to find solutions to pressing issues such as climate change and economic inequality. The event not only honed their research, public speaking, and critical thinking skills but also instilled a sense of global citizenship and responsibility. The Model G20 Summit was a platform for students to showcase their diplomacy and leadership abilities, promoting cross-cultural understanding and fostering lasting friendships. The experience was both empowering and inspiring, as it encouraged students to actively engage in shaping the world around them. Overall, the Model G20 Summit at Mayo College, Ajmer was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on the participants and equipping them with the necessary skills to become future global leaders.