MGD MUN CLUB organized a three-day online training session for students

MGD MUN CLUB organized a three-day online training session for the students facilitated by Zainah Choudhary ( Event coordinator – student cabinet batch- 2022-23 an experienced munner . Radhika Das ( Member IT club and an enthusiast munner batch – 23-24 conducted the training session that aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the United Nations (UN) and to equip the members with essential skills for managing Model United Nations (MUN) committees. The MUN training session spanned over three days, with each day focusing on different aspects of MUN conferences.
On the first day, Zainah Choudhary and Radhika Das began the session with a detailed introduction of the United Nations.
They covered the role and purpose of the UN, providing the participants with foundational knowledge about United Nation. On the second day, the facilitators explained the procedural flow of MUN conferences. They also covered important topics such as the chit system, committee management strategies, and research techniques. They ensured that the members were well-prepared to oversee MUN activities by conducting a doubt-clearing session. On the final day, the facilitators taught the participants about drafting position papers, draft resolutions, and explained the marking scheme used in MUN conferences. The day concluded with the facilitators and participants exchanging feedback and expressing gratitude.
Overall, the training session was a great success, meeting all its objectives and equipping the new members with essential knowledge and skills.