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Art Integrated Learning

MGD School, Jaipur hosted a session on Art Integrated Learning on 26th August 2020 curated by Mr Kalyan Singh Rathore, a sculptor and artist par excellence.

During this workshop, he described the different variables through which the purpose of holistic education can be achieved without burdening the student with the idea of concepts and theory.He talked about the practical aspects of art, how shapes become alive in simple things as coffee in a cup or the more intricate patterns of the Mandala Art.The session focussed on bringing out thetactile intelligence of children and how the finger dexterity of children is related to development of their brain. Further more he talked at length about Arabesque , Efficiency of resources,Catenary curve, Cardioid,Fractals in rock, clouds,vorono patterns and using patterns as a universal language.The session was an engaging and enriching one for the facilitators.

Published on 31 Aug, 2020