Public Draw  for Class I and Class II - on 20th February , Wednesday at 9.00 am for class I and 10.00 am for class II . Selected candidates list will be uploaded on School website on 20.2.19 at 2.00 pm

The aim of the institution is to make its pupils cultured and useful members of society. When they enter the world they should be able to take an active interest in the betterment of their homes and community and when they grow up, they should be able to fit themselves usefully into the world of tomorrow.

Maharani Gayatri Devi

Notification Board

  • 20-02-2019

    Admission 2019-20 list of selected candidates(class 1 and 2)






    Concerned Person

    Date and Time

    Admission Form collection

    School Main Gate

    Security Supervisor




    (9 am to 12 noon)

    Admission Form Submission

    Room No. 7

    Mr. Naresh Sharma




    (9 am to 12 noon)

    Fee Deposit

    Room No. 7

    Mr. Rajendra Kumar Yadav




    (9 am to 12 noon)



    • If  fees is not paid  by the given date for the selected candidates, admission will be given to the waitlisted candidates.
    • Click the link given below to access the list of selected candidates.


  • 20-02-2019

    Admission 2019-20

    Entrance Examination-2019-20

    For class IX (Boarders Only) 

    Saturday 23rd February 2019

    English                     :       10.00am to 11.00 am

    Mathematics            :       11.00 am to 12.00 noon

    Science                     :       12.15 pm to 01.15 pm

    *Candidates to report at the school  Reception by 09.45 am on 23rd  February 2019.



  • 11-02-2019

    Prep leave for class 10th

    This is hereby informed to the students of class 10th that preparation leave will be start from 12/02/2019.

  • 04-02-2019


    Year book for the Class XII batch of 2018-19 is under printing. The cost of the book will be Approx Rs 620/- (Approx RUPEES SIX HUNDRED & TWENTY)

    The book is being designed and conceptualised by the Students of Class XII. Chinmayee Babbal is the student representative.

    The cost of the year book will be borne by the students who have agreed to the proposal and the amount will be deducted from the Caution money held with the school.

  • 11-01-2019


    Registration  forms for Admission 2019-20 available from 15th January onwards ( between 9.00 am - 12.00 noon on school working days)

  • 28-11-2018

    Public Notice

    Quotations are invited for new computers

    The MGD Girls' School intends to purchase Computer Systems for setting up new computer labs. The details are given below. Interested vendors may submit their quotations addressed under : MGD Girls' School, Sawai Ram Singh Road, Near Ajmeri Gate, Jaipur - 302001 or through email on email ID :-

    Preference will be given to the firm providing lowest rates for the given configuration as well as Operating System. Further, quoted rates should be inclusive of all taxes.

    Details of required Configuration :

    1. Processor - i5, multi core, 64bit

    2. 16 GB RAM

    3. RGB graphics Card ( 1030 pi series)

    4. 1 TB hard disk

    5. Windows 10 Pro / Windows 10

  • 01-11-2018

    TIME TABLE OF PERIODIC TEST-2 (VI - VIII) / PERIODIC TEST-3 (IX & X) / ASSESSMENT - 3 (XI) / PREBOARD (XII) - 2018 has been uploaded.

    Dear Parents,

    Kindly check the DOWNLOAD>EXAMINATION TIME TABLE module for Periodic Test - 2 (VI - VIII) / Periodic Test - 3 (IX - X) / Assessment - 3(XI) / Preboard (XII) / Practical Exams (XI & XII) - 2018 -19  time table.

  • 01-11-2018

    The School is organizing a Health checkup camp for students from class I to XII.

    The schedule will be as follow:-

    Class Date
    XI & XII 13/11/2018
    IX & X 14/11/2018
    VI, VII & VIII 15/11/2018
    I,II & III 16/11/2018
    IV & V 17/11/2018

    It is mandatory for students of classes IX to XII to be present for the Health ckeckup as the details of their health will be recorded in the Health and Activity Record as per the CBSE guidlines.

  • 01-11-2018

    The winter timings will be followed from 12th November, 2018 onward.

    The timings will be 7:50 am to 1:50 pm. 

    All students will come in their winter uniform from 12th Nov, 2018.

  • 22-10-2018




    1. Login as Parent 

    2. Click on Fee status

    3. Select Fee outstanding details

    4. Pay

  • 12-09-2018


    Dear Parents,

    Kindly check the DOWNLOAD>EXAMINATION TIME TABLE module for Half yearly exams/ periodic test-2 (2018-19) time table.

  • 01-09-2018

    The Learnometer Reports for grade 1 to 5

    The learnometer reports for the students of grade 1 to 5 can be downloaded from the link below. Kindly follow the steps as mentioned.

    Step 1: click on the link below.

    Step 2 : Username 
    X000223_grade of the ward_ learnometer I'd
    eg; X000223_3_123
    Step 3 : Password
    eg; 102233123
    10223( last 4 digits being grade and learnometer id)
    In the example, 3123 is for grade 3, learnometer id 123.
  • 28-08-2018

    Minutes of Parent Teacher Association General Body Meet Held on 15 August 2018 at MGD Girls' School, Jaipur.

    Dear Parent, please check the link for minutes of Parent Teacher Association General Body meet Held on 15 August 2018 at MGD Girls' School, Jaipur.

  • 16-08-2018

    Juniorun marathon 'BIB EXPO' on 17th-18th August 2018 at Hotel Maya International

    Please click the download icon for details of collection of BIB for marathon organized by Juniorun Jaipur.

  • 16-08-2018

    Route Map for marathon on 19th August 2018 organized by Juniorun Jaipur.

    Please click on download icon to see the 'Route Map' for MGD Marathon 2018 organized by Juniorun Jaipur.

  • 09-08-2018

    General Body Meet Parent Teacher Association(PTA) :- 15 August 2018

    Dear Parents,

    1. You are invited to attend the flag hoisting ceremony followed by the School NCC Contingent march and Band display on the 15 August at 7:30 a.m.
    2. This will be followed by a General Body Meeting of Parent Teacher Association at the Stadium. Tentative time for meeting will be 8:30 a.m.

  • 19-07-2018

    Time Table for Periodic Test-1(2018)

    Time Table for Periodic Test-1(2018) for classes III to X has been uploaded in 'DOWNLOADS' module.

  • 04-04-2018

    Transfer Certificates for class XII students

  • 04-04-2018

    Transfer Certificates for class X students

  • 23-07-2018

    Periodic Test 1 for classes 1 to X

    The periodic test 1 for classes I to X will begin from 25th, July to 31st, July.

  • 18-07-2018

    Assessment 1 for classes XI and XII

    The assessment 1 for class XI and XII will begin from 20th, July to 31st, July.

  • 07-07-2018

    School will remain closed on 07th July 2018

  • 31-05-2018

    CBSE Board Exam Class XII Results 2017-18

  • 29-05-2018

    CBSE Board Exam Class X Results-2017-18

  • 29-05-2018

    CBSE Board Exam Class XII Results 2017-18

  • 16-05-2018

    List of Parents & Teacher who have been selected as the Members of Parent Teacher Association for the year 2018-2019


    Click on the download icon for viewing the file.

  • 30-04-2018

    Retirement of our Principal Mrs. Suniti Sharma

    Dear Ma'am,

    You will always be remembered for your accomplishments and dynamic leadership.

    Thank you for for all the years of dedicated efforts in taking the School to great heights.

    Wish you good health and happiness in future.

  • 30-04-2018

    School Timings

    As directed by the collector, School timings for students have been revised to 7:20am to 12:00 noon with effect from 1st May' 2018 untill further orders.