Admission forms of selected candidates of class I & II will be available between 16 to 24 February from 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

Fees to be deposited by 28 February 2018

The aim of the institution is to make its pupils cultured and useful members of society. When they enter the world they should be able to take an active interest in the betterment of their homes and community and when they grow up, they should be able to fit themselves usefully into the world of tomorrow.

Maharani Gayatri Devi

Notification Board

  • 24-02-2018

    PTM for classes I to X

    Dear Parents,

    PTM is scheduled for classes I to X on 24/02/2018, Saturday.

  • 15-02-2018

    List of students admitted to Class I & II by draw of lots on 15.02.18

    This list can be accessed under ADMISSIONS tab under procedure section

  • 21-02-2018

    The Era of Giant Type Machines- 2018

    On International Mother Language Day, Vigour Media & Education presents ' The Era of Giant Type Machines ' at MGD Girls' School, Jaipur.

    All are cordially invited 
    Timings: 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.
    21 & 22 Feb 2018

  • 15-02-2018

    Exam date sheet for class VI to XII has been uploaded.

    Please see DOWNLOADS for datesheets.

  • 02-02-2018

    Sports Day of Class III on 05/02/18

  • 02-02-2018

    Sports Day of Class IV on 03/02/18

  • 01-02-2018

    Pre-Board Exam for class X begins on 01/02/2018

  • 25-01-2018

    PTM Scheduled for 27/01/2018 has been cancelled.

  • 15-01-2018

    Classes Resume

  • 14-01-2018

    Reporting Date

    Boarders to report by 6 PM on 14 Jan